Frequently Asked Questions


New Rewards App FAQ

What is the Food Bazaar Rewards App?
How does the Food Bazaar Rewards App work?
Do all purchases count towards earning rewards points?
Do points expire?
Do I have to use all of my available points when making a transaction?
How do I enroll in the Food Bazaar Rewards App?
How can I download the App?
Who is eligible to join the Food Bazaar Rewards App?
Can I redeem my points during a transaction?
If I forget to scan my Rewards App, can I get my points adjusted after the transaction is over?
What happens to my Food Bazaar Rewards App points if I return something I purchased?
What if my phone number is taken when I sign up?
Where can I see my Food Bazaar Rewards App points balance and activity?
I have two Food Bazaar Rewards App accounts. Can I merge them?
Can I earn rewards points in all Food Bazaar locations

Food Bazaar Supermarket FAQ

How is shopping at Food Bazaar different from what you may be used to?
Do you sell regular groceries too?
Does Food Bazaar carry organic/natural products?
Do you have weekly specials or sales on your products?
Can the circulars be viewed over the internet?
If you do not have a product that I am looking for from my country, can you get it for me?
Does Food Bazaar have a Customer Service Hot Line?
Does Food Bazaar accept Gift Cards?
Does Food Bazaar sell Gift Cards?
Does Food Bazaar accept coupons, offer rain-checks, discounts?
How can I get a job at Food Bazaar?
Does Food Bazaar accept bottles return?